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Laniakea Studio Oy
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Helsinki, Finland

brand sites

You get a blazing fast website with top-notch search engine optimization. The views are changing instantly between pages (no page loads) because the content is dynamically loaded in the background. Pixel-perfect layout and smooth animations will make your brand stand out.


First-class user experience, pixel-perfect layout and smooth animations

Top-notch search engine optimizing (SEO) and accessibility on all devices

Super easy content management, page building and image editing tools

Delivered on scalable, secure and high-performing cloud services


Special Features
Zero-latency between page transitions
Finnish and English localization
Rich Content API

customer Mint of Finland
project lead Aboad
design Mint of Finland
ux Laniakea
development Laniakea

Special Features
Progress bar and intersection observer

customer Helkama
design Sparksof
development Laniakea

Quiz/Personality Test Plugin
The customer can make own multi-language quizes on a re-usable template. The quiz is saving and showing other users' answers. Made from scratch on Wordpress.

customer Suomen Ekonomit

Special Features
Advanced SVG & Animations

customer JCAD
design Jacob Stewart
development Laniakea

Special Features
High-performance Video Streaming
Easy-to-manage PDF Embedding

customer Yonoton
design Yonoton
development Laniakea


By heart, we are tech agnostics. However, we prefer modern and well-established technologies. The microservice architecture allows us to build your site of components that fit best your business. Next-generation content management systems and page builders are super easy to use.

Content Management


Technologies & Frameworks