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Laniakea Studio Oy
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Helsinki, Finland

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You get a blazing fast website with top-notch search engine optimization. The views are changing instantly between pages (no page loads) because the content is dynamically loaded in the background. Pixel-perfect layout and smooth animations will make your brand stand out.


First-class user experience, pixel-perfect layout and smooth animations

Top-notch search engine optimizing (SEO) and accessibility on all devices

Super easy content management, page building and image editing tools

Delivered on scalable, secure and high-performing cloud services


Special Features
High-performance Video Streaming
Easy-to-manage PDF Embedding

customer Yonoton
design Yonoton
development Laniakea

Special Features
Advanced SVG & Animations

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design Jacob Stewart
development Laniakea

customer Helkama
design Sparksof
development Laniakea


By heart, we are tech agnostics. However, we prefer modern and well-established technologies. The microservice architecture allows us to build your site of components that fit best your business. Next-generation content management systems and page builders are super easy to use.

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